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Each Lotus - As Beautiful As the Other


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When you think of the name Lotus, most people automatically think of something that is a pure work of art, whether natural or created by expert craftsmen.

The Lotus flower is highly desired for its beauty and is rich scent. Its petals are perfectly shaped and its colors are vibrant and perfectly balanced, lending itself very well to the garden or within the home to add a touch of brightness and splendid beauty.

The Lotus automobile too a great thing of beauty. Whether it is performing on the track or on the road or simply parked and admired by all who come in eye contact with it, the Lotus automobile is legendary. Finely designed to to have the right proportion of weight and power, each Lotus automobile is an automatic contender for any racing event. On the street, the Lotus stands out among the crowd as tackles any driving situation.

The Lotus butane cigar lighter follows in the traditions of the Lotus flower and the Lotus automobile. Designed to fit the hand perfectly, the Lotus lighter has the right weight so you can feel the lighter in your hand. A lotus lighter is designed feel great and function and to function perfectly. Designed to perform in all types of weather or situations, the Lotus lighter is the butane cigar lighter that is so highly desired by anyone spending time outdoors while enjoying a favorite cigar. Lotus lighters are designed in many different styles and are available in several different colors. Each displaying a radiance that is admired by all who see it. A lotus butane cigar lighter stands out in the crowd and will make most people think that anyone using a Lotus lighter owns a lighter that is very expensive. Lotus lighters, while still a finely crafted European lighter that is highly desired due to its excellent craftsmanship, reliability and beauty is inexpensive as far as world class butane lighters go. Thus making a Lotus lighter a lighter that can be owned by most anyone.

As you browse our selection of Lotus lighters you will find that some Lotus lighters are designed to appeal more to ladies, while others may have a more masculine look to them. With a variety of styles that range from classic to modern, you're sure to find at least one if not several different Lotus lighters that appeal to your individual tastes. Lotus lighters are also available as table lighters and make your room decor that much more appealing.

If you're ready for a finely crafted and designed European lighter with features that you would expect to find in much higher priced butane cigar lighters, visit our Lotus butane lighters page to discover the model or models of Lotus butane cigar lighter that suits your style and taste. Choose a Lotus lighter for everyday use or a table lighter that blends in well with the decor of your home or office. But be assured that which ever style of Lotus lighter that you choose, you will be getting a European lighter with the right weight and feel and luxury design that you would expect to find only in much higher priced butane cigar lighters.